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Running CDP Developer under WINE in Linux

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PostPosted: Mon 29 Sep 13:44:52 2008    Post subject: Running CDP Developer under WINE in Linux Reply with quote

Some of the ICD tools are not (yet) available for Linux, but run fairly well using WINE ( This also applies to CDPDeveloper.

The below steps outline how to get CDPDeveloper up and running on a Debian Linux installation using WINE. It assumes you have a valid Windows license for the computer in question.

First, we need WINE which should be available in your favourite package manager in Debian. But you may want to ensure that you have the most recent version of WINE. The default WINE version in Debian Etch (stable) is older and will give some errors. We tested with WINE version 1.1.1 from by adding it as an apt source and installed the WINE package (see for details).

Second, we install ies4linux which gives you a very basic Windows system with Internet Explorer. ( It requires the cabextract package which is in the default package repository. Then download ies4linux, unpack and run the installation script. Make sure to choose to install Internet Explorer 6. Once this is done, you'll probably want to start IE6 to check that it installed OK.

Next we'll use the IE6 setup we now have as our basic Windows installation for running CDPDeveloper. We do this by setting WINEPREFIX enviroment variable to point to the IE6 WINE configuration. Add the following to your .bash_profile or create a suitable symlink to the [tt]~/.ies4linux/ie6[/tt] folder called [tt]~/.wine[/tt] to make it default for all WINE applications.
export WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6/

Now download and run the CDP installer in WINE. Make sure to install WinGraphviz and the Adobe SVG viewer as part of this process.
wine "./CDP beta 35 Setup (Windows 2000-XP-Vista).exe"

We should now be able to run CDP Developer. Copy your license key into the License directory and run CDPDeveloper.exe in wineconsole.
cd "~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/Program Files/CDP Developer/CDPDeveloper/"
wineconsole ./CDPDeveloper.exe

The reason to use wineconsole command instead of just wine is that it gives us a MS-DOS prompt where you can give the normal CDP key commands. Especially if WINE and/or CDPDeveloper start acting erratically and the GUI is not responding, you may still be able to do a clean exit by pressing "Q" key in the wineconsole window.

Several parts of CDPDeveloper rely on the WebServer component. As Linux will only allow you to use ports below 1024 if you are root, you will need to select a different port for the WebServer. Go to Tools -> Options and replace the default "89" with some higher and unused port, like "8089".

Some useful links:
Kent Dahl - Software Developer
Industrial Control Design AS -
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